How to Write Newsworthy Articles


News is information about something that has happened, or is happening, and which affects people. It is usually published in newspapers, magazines and radio but can also be broadcast online and via television. It may be current or historical but often focuses on the future. It is generally written to inform, but can also entertain, educate or persuade people. It is a vital part of the human fabric and arguably the most important source of knowledge for modern man.

News can include anything that is of interest to humans – war, politics, religion, sport, education, the economy, business, the environment, food, fashion, art and entertainment. It can be about a natural disaster, some bizarre happening or even an event that has happened in the past. Throughout history people have carried news from place to place by word of mouth and later through written means such as books, newspapers and magazines. News can be as simple as the name of a newly discovered bug or as complex as a new theory about the origins of the universe.

Traditionally, most people get their news from a newspaper and this can still be true today, but it is possible to access a vast amount of news from all kinds of different sources online and on television or radio. People can also find news on their social media pages and apps. News can be a positive or negative thing and it is important to note that there is no such thing as completely objective news, as the prejudices of the journalist and the news outlet will influence what counts as being newsworthy.

When writing a news article it is important to begin with the main facts and to be as brief as possible. This is because most news is reported only moments after it happens and so must be short in order to be useful. A good way to start a news story is with a statistic or a quote from a person who has been directly affected by the news.

After the main facts have been listed it is important to add some extra information that will help readers understand the context of the news. This can be done by giving additional background information on the subject, including quotes from experts in the field. It can also be a good idea to give contact details for anyone who wants more information about the topic or people involved in the story.

Another useful addition to a news article is a timeline of events. This can be a very effective way of showing how an event has progressed over time and how it is changing the lives of those involved. It can be useful for both domestic and international news stories and it is especially helpful when there are several related events occurring simultaneously. For example, a series of burglaries in one city or town can be linked to a terrorist attack in another country.