The Role of Technology in Our Daily Lives


Technology is the product of knowledge and skills developed by mankind and applied to industrial production and scientific research. Its applications have broad impact on our lives. In simple terms, technology means the use of methods, processes, and tools to improve the quality of life. While there is no single definition of technology, there are several types that can be broadly classified as technology. Listed below are some of the more common examples. This article addresses some of the key characteristics of technology and the role it plays in our daily lives.

Human element

Managing Risk through the Human Element is a valuable book for engineers, risk analysts and professional safety experts. Its case studies, which focus on major technological accidents, will be of particular interest to postgraduate students and professors of reliability and safety engineering, as well as experts in human performance. This is an essential read for anyone interested in safety engineering and the role of the human factor in the development of technology. This book also has several useful resources for human factors in technology development.

Goal-oriented process

Goal-oriented processes are those that integrate business objectives and processes into one coherent whole. In the real world, this process approach refers to the outcome of a process as an output, handover, or result. It integrates the action into a larger framework that considers factors such as customer satisfaction, profitability, and lead times. It also assumes that the goal-oriented process is predictable. Thus, a powerful data mapping capability is necessary.

Path to an end

In technology, a path to an end implies a decision that must be made based on scientific understanding of the world we live in. Often, prioritizing a path means choosing something else. For example, the first digital camera was a low-resistance path to photography. Then came digital cameras that replaced film cameras and darkrooms. The advent of digital cameras also de-prioritized analogue photography workflows and the painstaking culture of retouching.

Impact on society

The term “technology society” describes the interrelationship between technology and life. Technology and society are intimately interrelated, both co-producing and influencing one another. This relationship has been apparent since mankind first began to use simple tools. However, what is the nature of this relationship between technology and life? And how does technology affect society? The answer lies in the nature of technology itself. There are numerous examples of how technology impacts life and society.

Impact on business

Technology has become a fundamental part of daily life. It has changed the way we communicate, conduct business, and make payments. It is so prevalent that some businesses would not even exist without these innovations. However, while technology has made our lives more convenient, it can also expose important company information that competitors can use to strategize against us. As a result, relying too heavily on technology can lead to a stagnant business.