What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a style that reflects the social, economic and cultural attitudes of an age. It encompasses clothing, footwear and accessories. It also extends to hairstyles, body posture and make-up. Fashion is usually characterized by trends that may be long-lasting or short-lived. The terms fashion, fashionista and vogue denote the popularity or general acceptance of these trends.

The word ‘fashion’ has its roots in the Latin favorita, meaning “to please” or “fit.” It is an idea of beauty and grace that is ever-changing with the winds of time.

When something is in vogue, it has the approving nod of the majority, which creates its own momentum and sets it apart from anything else. But a catch-22 exists within this formula: if enough people buy into the new fashion, it becomes too commonplace and changes in form to be considered fashionable. Then those who went to the trouble of being fashionable are left behind, looking unfashionable.

To avoid this, trendsetters are needed to entice the masses to follow their lead. They are typically famous, talented, intriguing personalities or beautiful people with a natural flair for fashion. Women in particular tend to be more interested in fashion than men, but the market is growing and there are now a number of magazines dedicated to it.

There is also a whole industry that has developed around the creation and marketing of clothes in order to keep up with changing fashions. It includes designers and manufacturers who create the latest styles, as well as journalists who review and critique the current trends. There are a number of television shows that focus solely on fashion as well as many websites dedicated to it.

As the world continues to become more interconnected, it is easier than ever to see what people are wearing. For example, it is now possible to go online and purchase any item of clothing that you see on a model or celebrity in the latest issue of Vogue. Those who are more interested in etiquette and manners than in a particular wardrobe may prefer to read fashion blogs and other internet sites.

Whether you are writing fiction or not, paying attention to what your characters are wearing can be a useful way to give them depth and detail. Practice by observing the people around you or simply looking at photos on the web and describing their clothing. The more you pay attention to details like this, the more interesting your character will be to read about. Then when you start to write, your readers will be able to imagine them in their own minds. Good luck!