What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a way of life that is influenced by culture, history, social trends and personal taste. It is reflected in clothing, jewelry, hair styles and accessories, shoes, and even language. Trends in fashion change over time, but it is also a powerful and influential industry with many layers that affect people worldwide.

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In the past, people used their clothes to communicate to others who they were and what their beliefs were. For example, the style of a person’s hair or clothing often revealed their political affiliations, while the color and material of a garment reflected its value and quality. In addition, the way a person dressed showed their status and wealth. For example, Roman senators wore garments dyed in Tyrian purple, and high-ranking Hawaiians wore cloaks made from the skin of a whale.

Today, fashion is a global phenomenon that influences everyone from the young to the old. It can be seen in movies, music videos, advertisements, and magazines. It is so influential that entire magazines are dedicated to it, TV shows dedicate hours of transmission time to the topic, and people discuss it with their friends constantly.

Although the term “fashion” is generally associated with clothing, it can be used to describe any prevailing mode of expression or style, whether it be a custom, dress, language, or lifestyle. Fashion is always changing and reflects social movements, cultural trends, and economic conditions. The prevailing fashion is what most people follow and try to emulate. The fashion of a society is determined by age groups, social classes, occupations, and geographical regions. Consequently, there are many different established fashions in a country at any given time.

The start of continuous and accelerating change in fashion can be dated to late medieval times. It was at this point that the use of different dyes, and the shortening of garment lengths from calf to ankle became popular. This change was accompanied by an increased use of velvets and other sumptuous materials. It was also the time when a fashion icon like a musician or movie star might inspire a new style that other people would then copy. This was a very empowering movement for women, as they now had more options for showing their bodies.