What Makes a Story News?


News is a form of journalism that is usually broadcast on radio and television, although many people also read newspapers or magazines. It is a type of writing that focuses on current events and often includes information about the latest developments in a topic.

The Five W’s of Journalism

There are 5 important factors that must be considered in order to write a good news article: What, Why, Where, Who and When. Each of these will help you to decide what your article should be about and how it should be written.

The “5 W’s” of news are the most basic rules that every writer should know when writing a newspaper, magazine or radio or television report. By following these guidelines, you can make sure that your work is accurate, relevant, unbiased and engaging to readers.

What makes a story news?

What makes a story news is a question that is often asked by journalists. This is because it helps them to determine whether a particular story is worth covering. Here are some of the most important things that can make a news story valuable:

It is New and Unusual.

In many societies, it is not uncommon for people to be interested in stories about new inventions or discoveries. This could be anything from the discovery of a cure for a disease, to an entirely new method of farming.

It is Significant and About People.

Most of the news we hear about in our local and national media is about events which have a major impact on us as people. This is because it involves changes to our lifestyles or to our world.

It is unusual and exciting.

Most news is about events that have a large or unexpected effect on us as people. This can include unusual diseases, disasters, natural catastrophes or other disasters, political changes and even ordinary crimes.

It is about the people involved in these events.

Most people are interested in the lives of famous people, and this is something that makes a story interesting to them. It is especially exciting when these people fall out of power or lose their money.

It is about a controversy or dispute.

Some people are very interested in controversies and disputes, particularly when there is a big difference of opinion about an issue. They like to see arguments, fights and tension, so these can be very newsworthy.

It is about currency and the economy.

Many people are concerned about the economy and it is a matter of concern to them when things change rapidly or become very expensive. This can be because of a rise in prices, or a decrease.

It is about people and what they do or think.

Most news is about people, but it can also be about non-human sources. For example, a cyclone, bush fire or drought can make news, as can a volcanic eruption.

Most people want to know what is happening in their world, so they turn to the media for their news. They listen to the radio or watch TV, and read newspapers, magazines and online. They follow news websites and social networking sites to stay up-to-date with what is happening in their communities.